Brawl Stars: Leon Guide (2022)

1 Oct 2022

Leon Guide For Brawl Stars

Leon, being a Legendary Brawler, has decent health yet deals a lot of damage in close combat. Four Spinner Blades that sweep and cause less damage farther away are flicked out during a strike by him. Leon can momentarily disappear from foes thanks to his ability.

AFK Arena: Gwyneth Guide (2022)

30 Sep 2022

Underestimated as a hero is Gwyneth. Since Belinda and Shemira have been the game's dominant meta team since its debut, many players like to use them as their main compositions. But when used well, Gwyneth can make any combat look easy.

Clash of Clans: When is Town Hall 15 (TH15) coming?

30 Sep 2022

A couple of days ago, Supercell revealed upcoming modifications to the Clash of Clans Barracks structure. Extra Barracks and Dark Barracks structures will be eliminated with the October update, leaving only one of each in your Home Village.

Fortnite: How to increase FPS on Intel HD Graphics

30 Sep 2022

I'll explain how to increase your Fortnite FPS in this blog. Even though it's incredibly challenging to play, I know this is very frustrating when you have very little FPS. My FPS used to be so low that I even stopped filming clips due to the issue you are currently experiencing, but I have finally figured out how to raise the FPS from 30 to 60+ FPS.

Clash Royale: How To Be A Good Teammate

29 Sep 2022

How to be a good teammate in Clash Royale

Being a good teammate is a quality of a gentleman. To get positive results in your Clash Royale battles, you must learn how to be a good teammate. Good team coordination leads to victory. We will be discussing the qualities of a good teammate for Clash Royale.

Clash Royale: Building Placement Guide

29 Sep 2022

When playing Clash Royale, it's critical to understand where to put your buildings in your arena. What works against what and what doesn't work against specific units are both demonstrated in this deck. Let's get started without further ado!

Clash Royale: How to counter Goblin Barrel

29 Sep 2022

Goblin Barrel is one of the more cost-effective cards in Clash Royale. The trio of Goblins, which can be spawned anywhere in the arena for only 3 elixirs, have the potential to damage towers severely. It is crucial to know how to combat this card successfully because

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