Brawl Stars: Leon Statistics and Guide

Meet Leon, the Legendary Brawler with a knack for mischief! With moderate health and an impressive damage output up close, he's a force to be reckoned with. Picture this: Leon flicking out four Spinner Blades that slice through foes like a hot knife through butter, although the farther they go, the less damage they pack. But that's not all! When Leon activates his Super, he pulls off a disappearing act that would make Houdini jealous. Poof! Gone in the blink of an eye, leaving enemies scratching their heads and searching for shadows.

Now, let's talk gadgets, shall we? Leon's got some tricks up his sleeve. His first Gadget, the Clone Projector, is like a brawler version of "The Prestige." It creates a clone of himself, confusing enemies and making them question reality. "Which one is the real Leon?" they wonder in bewilderment. As if that weren't enough, his second Gadget, the Lollipop Drop, is like a delicious treat that turns his teammates and himself invisible within its tantalizing aura. It's a sweet deal that keeps enemies guessing and scratching their heads... or licking their lips?

But wait, there's more! Leon's Star Powers bring even more excitement to the battlefield. With Smoke Trails, his first Star Power, he dashes around like a speedy ghost while his Super is active. Blink and you'll miss him, folks! And let's not forget Invisiheal, his second Star Power. It's like having a personal health potion on tap while he's in his elusive state. Leon's enemies will have a hard time keeping up with his vanishing act when he's constantly healing. It's like fighting a magician with an endless supply of band-aids.

So, if you're ready to add a dash of mischief and a sprinkle of invisibility to your battles, Leon is your guy. Just be prepared to leave your enemies scratching their heads and wondering, "Did he just disappear or did I accidentally join a magic show?"

Leon's Primary Attack

Alright, brace yourself for Leon's spectacular Spinner Blades show! Get ready for a flurry of razor-sharp, long-ranged blades that sweep through the battlefield from left to right like a graceful dance. But here's the twist: the damage they inflict depends on how far they journey before reaching their unfortunate targets. 

Those poor souls who find themselves face-to-face with Leon will feel the full force of his blade barrage, while those at the edge of his reach might only get a little scratch. It's a game of distance and damage, folks! And all of this happens in a speedy 0.55 seconds. Blink, and you might just miss it!

Leon's Super

Ah, behold the wondrous Smoke Bomb, Leon's Super move that turns him into the master of vanishing acts! For a solid 6 seconds, he slips into the realm of invisibility, giving him the power to choose his next move: a tactical retreat or a cunning ambush. But here's the kicker: when Leon goes invisible, the game cranks up the theatrics with a unique visual and sound effect that's sure to leave everyone wondering, "Where did he go?" Even hiding in a bush won't save his foes from catching a glimpse of his slippery silhouette if they're within 4 tiles of him. It's a game of cat and mouse, my friends!

However, let's not forget the delicate balance of invisibility. Should Leon decide to launch an attack while invisible, poof! The element of surprise goes up in smoke, and he becomes visible once more. And if poor Leon happens to take a hit during his Super, even if only momentarily, he'll reveal himself to the world, leaving him momentarily vulnerable.

Now, here's an interesting twist. While Leon is a master of disappearing acts, certain actions have a way of giving him away. Picking up shiny items like Gems in Gem Grab, Power Cubes in Showdown, or Bolts in Siege, or even holding the Ball in Brawl Ball or the present in Snowtel Thieves, will temporarily break his cloak of invisibility, making him visible to all. Sneaky, but not foolproof, my friends!

Now, brace yourselves for some minion madness. While enemy minions, like Nita's bear, may struggle to locate our elusive Leon while he's invisible, his own trusty allied minions, like Tara's Healing Shade, have a knack for sniffing him out. It's a curious dance of detection amidst all the vanishing chaos.

Oh, and just a heads-up: Leon's Super is quite the stubborn one. No amount of knockbacks or stuns will dampen his disappearing act. It's like trying to stop a determined squirrel from hoarding acorns for the winter. Leon's Super is here to stay, no matter what the battlefield throws at him. Now, who's ready for a game of "Now you see me, now you don't?"

Leon's First Gadget: Clone Projector

Ah, Leon's got a few tricks up his sleeve, including his trusty Clone Projector gadget! With this baby, he can create a doppelganger of himself that confuses his enemies and throws them off their game. The clone might not be much of a threat, but it sure is good at giving Leon a window to escape or launch a surprise attack.

Here's the deal: the clone zeroes in on the nearest enemy and follows it around like a lost puppy. But don't worry, the clone won't actually attack or harm anyone. It's like having a harmless shadow that sticks close to Leon and his foes.

When activated, the clone replicates Leon's health at the time of activation, even in Big Game if Leon happens to be the Big Brawler. The clone also copies the number of items Leon has, like Gems or Power Cubes, and even the status of his Super. However, the clone can't heal, so any damage it takes will be doubled. It's like the clone has the constitution of a tissue paper.

Now, here's the kicker: the clone is only temporary. It vanishes into thin air when defeated, when Leon summons another one, or after 10 seconds. So, while it's a handy gadget, it's not a permanent solution to Leon's problems. It's like having a ghost that vanishes as soon as someone flicks on the lights.

Leon's Second Gadget: Lollipop Drop

Oh, get ready for a sweet treat with Leon's second gadget: the marvelous Lollipop Drop! Picture this: when Leon activates this gadget, he pulls out a lollipop and drops it right beneath him, creating a magical area that turns him and his allies invisible within a generous 4.33-tile radius. It's like a magical bubble of invisibility, granting them the power to sneak around undetected.

Now, let's talk about this special lollipop. It's no ordinary candy. This sugary wonder has a health pool of 1500, ensuring it can withstand a few smacks. But here's the catch: if Leon decides to drop another lollipop, the previous one will be devoured in favor of the fresh sweetness. Talk about disappearing acts! Also, this candy has a limited lifespan. It gradually loses 75 health per second, slowly decaying until it meets its inevitable demise. It's like watching a lollipop melt away, bit by bit.

Now, let's not forget the rules of invisibility. Just like other sneaky tricks, Brawlers who find themselves within 4 tiles of our invisible heroes will be able to spot them. It's like discovering the hidden stash of cookies in the pantry—it's no secret when you're right up close.

So, with a sprinkle of sweetness and a hint of trickery, Leon's Lollipop Drop gadget offers a tantalizing opportunity for invisibility. Just be sure to savor the flavor while it lasts because, like all good candies, it eventually fades away.

Leon's First Star Power: Smoke Trails

Hold onto your hats, folks, because Leon's got some smokin' Star Power called Smoke Trails! With this extraordinary ability, when Leon activates his Super and disappears into thin air, something magical happens. His movement speed receives a whopping 30% boost, turning him into a blur of lightning-fast mischief while he's invisible. It's like strapping a rocket to his back and zooming across the battlefield at breakneck speed!

Just imagine it: Leon vanishes, leaving his foes scratching their heads in confusion, and then...whoosh! He's suddenly everywhere and nowhere all at once. It's like trying to catch a greased lightning bolt or chasing after a mischievous squirrel on a sugar high. Good luck keeping up with him when he's in full sprint mode!

So, with Smoke Trails, Leon becomes the ultimate ghostly speedster, effortlessly maneuvering through the chaos of battle at an accelerated pace. Just remember to buckle up and hold on tight because you're about to witness a blur of mischief like never before!

Leon's Second Star Power: Invisiheal

Prepare for some magical healing shenanigans with Leon's second Star Power, Invisiheal! This enchanting ability takes his already elusive Super to a whole new level. Here's the scoop: while Leon is invisible and decides to activate his Super, something remarkable happens. If he's missing some health, he gets a fantastic health regeneration boost of 1000 health per second throughout the duration of his Super. It's like having a personal healing potion on tap, bubbling up and replenishing his health bar in the blink of an eye.

But here's the real kicker: the healing doesn't stop, even if poor Leon takes a hit. It's as if his wounds simply vanish into thin air, replaced by a stream of continuous restoration. Whether he's dodging bullets or getting pummeled by a barrage of attacks, Invisiheal keeps the health flowing, defying the odds and keeping our sly Brawler in tip-top shape.

Now, let's crunch some numbers. If Leon manages to maintain his Super without canceling it with an attack, he can be blessed with a grand total of 6000 health restored. It's like having a team of magical healers on standby, working tirelessly to patch him up and keep him in the fight.

So, with Invisiheal, Leon becomes a force to be reckoned with, effortlessly regenerating his health while weaving through the chaos of battle. It's like witnessing a magic trick where wounds disappear and vitality is restored. Just remember, folks, when it comes to Leon, the healing is real, even in the face of adversity!

How to Effectively use Leon

Leon, the master of mischief, is known for his blazing fast movement speed. This speed demon is perfect for pulling off dazzling escapes from enemies, outrunning most other Brawlers with ease. After all, as an assassin, Leon's got to be one step ahead!

Now, let's talk about Leon's potent attack. Up close and personal, his blades pack a punch, capable of dishing out some serious damage. To maximize their impact, use obstacles to your advantage, sneaking as close as possible to unsuspecting foes. A well-executed attack can leave all but the sturdiest Brawlers quaking in their boots.

But what if you find yourself stuck at long range? Fear not! Leon has a nifty trick up his sleeve—the strafing technique. Just like his buddy Bo, Leon's blades fly from left to right, giving you the power to concentrate or spread out your attacks. By strafing left or right while attacking, you can chip away at the enemy's health. Walk left while shooting to narrow the attack width and increase the damage. Alternatively, walk right while attacking for a wider attack with slightly less oomph, perfect for finishing off those pesky adversaries.

In Heist, Leon's Super becomes the ultimate sneak attack tool. With a puff of smoke, he can slink behind enemy lines and go straight for the opposing safe on the far side of the map. It's like playing a game of hide and seek, where Leon is the sneaky phantom ready to strike!

When it comes to Bounty, Leon shines bright. His Super grants him the power to pick off enemies one by one, racking up a bounty of stars for his team. However, be cautious, my friend. Leon's strength lies in single-target takedowns, so be mindful of your positioning after eliminating an enemy. You don't want to find yourself in a tight spot with multiple foes closing in.

Now, let's dive into the art of deception. Leon's Super can be a tricky tool when used near enemies who are well aware of your whereabouts. But here's a tip: unleash your Super while hiding in bushes, and watch the chaos unfold. The path to your escape becomes a delightful mystery, leaving enemies scratching their heads and shooting at empty foliage.

Oh, but the fun doesn't stop there! Leon's Super is a versatile beast, capable of both offense and defense. In dire situations, activate your Super to sneak away from enemies or even take one down. And when you're carrying precious Gems in Gem Grab or have a high bounty in Bounty, embrace your invisibility and make it a nightmare for the opposition to lay a finger on you.

Want to pull off a sneaky trick? Flash your Super as you walk into a bush, fooling your foes into thinking you've vanished into thin air. While they're busy scanning the arena, you can quietly heal up in the safety of the bush, leaving them with nothing but wasted ammo.

Remember, Leon's blades have deceptive range and a spread that widens as they travel. Use this to your advantage, chipping away at enemies and building up your Super. Then, when the moment is right, slip into stealth mode and deliver the finishing blows to unsuspecting Brawlers up close. This strategy works wonders in Events that require eliminations, such as Bounty, Showdown, Lone Star, or Knockout.

Ah, conserving ammo—the key to survival with Leon. His slower reload speed leaves him vulnerable to enemies who can dodge or withstand his attacks. So, use your shots wisely and make every blade count!

Let's not forget about Leon's incredible Star Powers. In Brawl Ball, his Smoke Trails Star Power allows him to snatch the Ball swiftly while enemies remain oblivious to his presence until it's too late. And Invisiheal? It's a game-changer, granting Leon exceptional survivability. With Invisiheal, he can endure a barrage of damage from multiple defenders in modes like Gem Grab, Showdown, and Siege while remaining invisible and healing if detected. Dodging meteors in Showdown? Piece of cake! Activate your Super right before engaging, and enjoy the advantage of healing 1000 health per second while your foes struggle to keep up.

And let's not forget about Leon's handy Clone Projector Gadget. It can be a game-changer against Brawlers like Shelly or Colt, causing them to waste their Super on your clone. Just be cautious not to use it when you're low on health, as your clone mirrors your current health, making it an easy giveaway. Instead, find a cozy bush, pop your Gadget, and prepare for an ambush that finishes off low-health Brawlers who foolishly unload their ammo on your decoy. Additionally, the clone can chase down the nearest enemy, even if they're lurking inside a bush, serving as your personal detector.

In Showdown, Leon has two playstyle options: Roamer and Third Party. As a Roamer, you'll wander the map, hunting down potential targets one by one, just like Crow or Darryl. On the other hand, as a Third Party specialist (think Mortis or Crow), you'll search for two engaged Brawlers and patiently wait nearby, ideally in a bush. Once one of the two adversaries falls, swoop in to finish off the victor and claim both Power Cube batches for yourself.

Now, brace yourself for Leon's Smoke Trails Star Power, where he becomes a blur of speed during his Super's duration. It's like trying to catch a wisp of smoke—nearly impossible! This immense speed boost makes him incredibly hard to hit, enabling quick getaways or lightning-fast engagements.

And last but not least, Leon's Invisiheal Star Power. Prepare for a healing extravaganza! While active, Leon heals for a whopping 1000 health per second for a glorious 6 seconds. That's six seconds of rejuvenation while you remain invisible, ensuring you have the upper hand in battles. Remember, though, attacking prematurely cancels the healing effect, so choose your timing wisely. Activate your Super just before engaging the enemy, and relish the advantage of healing while your foes struggle to keep up with your relentless assault.

Oh, did I mention the value of Leon's Lollipop Drop Gadget in 3v3 Events? Its invisible radius allows you and your teammates to maneuver through separated bushes with ease. Placing it strategically behind walls can make it a tough nut to crack for most enemy Brawlers.

One final note: don't squander Leon's Super. It's his most valuable asset, capable of securing kills with ease. If you find yourself on low health and facing a high-burst damage Brawler, it's best to hold onto your Super. Using it won't save you from certain defeat. However, in Showdown, feel free to unleash your Super for a swift escape. And don't forget to use either of his Gadgets as a meat shield when the situation calls for it—they're both fantastic spawnables!

Now go forth, fellow Brawler, armed with the wisdom of Leon's tricks and tactics. Master the art of deception, strike from the shadows, and leave your enemies in awe of your sneaky prowess!

Frequently Asked Questions about Leon

Leon's fast movement speed can be highly advantageous in gameplay. It allows him to escape from enemies, outrunning most other Brawlers. This speed gives him an edge in maneuvering around the map, evading attacks, and repositioning strategically.

To maximize Leon's damage output, it's important to hit all of his blades in his short-range attack. Utilize obstacles to get as close as possible to enemies, increasing the chances of hitting them with all blades. This concentrated attack can deal significant damage, especially against non-tank Brawlers.

Leon's Super, which grants him temporary invisibility, can be used both offensively and defensively. In Heist, it allows him to sneak behind enemies and attack the enemy safe. In modes like Gem Grab or Bounty, it can be used to escape when carrying valuable items or being a high priority target. The invisibility makes it difficult for opponents to target and attack Leon.

One effective strategy with Leon's Super is to activate it while hiding in bushes. This creates uncertainty for opponents who may waste their attacks on empty bushes. Additionally, Leon can use his Super while walking in one direction and quickly change direction to approach enemies from an unexpected angle. This unpredictability can catch opponents off guard.

Leon's Star Powers, Smoke Trails and Invisiheal, offer distinct advantages in Brawl Ball. Smoke Trails allows Leon to quickly grab the Ball while enemies are unaware of his presence. Invisiheal provides him with increased survivability, allowing him to endure more damage from multiple defenders at the goal. Both Star Powers can contribute to scoring goals and supporting the team's overall gameplay.

In Showdown, Leon can be played as a Roamer or a Third Party. As a Roamer, he can search the map for potential targets and eliminate them one by one. As a Third Party, he can wait for engaged Brawlers and finish off the victor once the battle is over. Both playstyles require map awareness, strategic positioning, and capitalizing on opportunities.

Yes, Leon's Gadgets, Clone Projector and Lollipop Drop, have their uses in various game modes. Clone Projector can deceive opponents and waste their Supers, providing Leon with an advantage. Lollipop Drop can create invisible pathways and make it difficult for enemies to predict Leon's movement. Both Gadgets can be strategically employed to outplay opponents and enhance Leon's overall gameplay.

When using Leon's Smoke Trails Star Power, it's important to be mindful of the timing. Activate the Star Power when it's most beneficial, such as when engaging enemies or making a quick escape. Remember that the increased speed makes Leon harder to hit, allowing him to dodge attacks and move swiftly across the battlefield.

Leon's Invisiheal Star Power is best used when engaging enemies. Activate the Star Power just before initiating a fight to benefit from the healing effect while remaining invisible. This can give Leon a significant advantage, allowing him to sustain through battles and outlast opponents. However, be cautious not to attack prematurely, as it cancels the healing effect.

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