Across the Obelisk: Bree Builds and Guide

In the lush and mysterious Senenthia Forest, there lived a young girl named Bree. She was raised among the enchanting dryads, learning to love and protect the forest from an early age. Tragedy struck when Bree lost her mother, but she was determined to follow in her footsteps and safeguard the woods.

When the dark corruption of the obelisk began to spread, Ylmer, Bree's former master, entrusted her with a final mission. With the aid of brave adventurers, Bree valiantly completed her task, and now she has returned to her beloved Senenthia Forest.

Understanding Bree's Abilities

Bree is a tactical warrior specializing in thorns. Her unique set of stats, resistances, and traits makes her a formidable force on the battlefield.


  • Health: 116
  • Energy: 1 initial, 3 per turn
  • Speed: 15


  • Slashing: 15%
  • Blunt: 20%
  • Piercing: 15%
  • Fire: 0%
  • Cold: 10%
  • Lightning: 0%
  • Holy: 10%
  • Shadow: 0%
  • Mind: 0%


  1. Innate: Spiky - At the start of combat, Bree gains 2 Thorns.
  2. Level 2: +10 Max HP
  3. Unforgiving Nature - Bree gains Unforgiving Nature as a card.
  4. Defensive Strategy - Bree gains Defensive Strategy as a card.
  5. Level 3: +10 Max HP
  6. Countermeasures - Bree gains +1 Thorns and acquires 3 Thorns when damaged (up to 3 times per round).
  7. Tactician - At the start of Bree's turn, the cost of "Skill" cards in her hand reduces by 1 until they are discarded.
  8. Level 4: +10 Max HP
  9. Stampede - Bree gains Stampede as a card.
  10. Command and Conquer - Bree gains Command and Conquer as a card.
  11. Level 5: +10 Max HP
  12. Queen of Thorns - Instead of gaining Block charges, Bree gains 30% of those charges as Thorns.
  13. Tireless - Bree's energy regeneration increases by 1, and she becomes immune to Fatigue.

Starting Gear and Deck

When players embark on their adventure, they won't have Bree in their party right away. She must be unlocked through an in-game quest.

Once acquired, Bree starts with Forest Banner equipment and the following cards in her deck:

  • 3x Pommel
  • 3x Intercept
  • 3x Spiked Shield
  • 2x Invigorating Blow
  • 2x Intimidate
  • 1x Battle Shout
  • 1x Standard Bearer

Tips and Tricks

To make the most of Bree's thorny prowess, here are some tips and tricks for playing her effectively:

  • Utilize her innate ability, "Spiky," which grants her 2 Thorns at the beginning of each combat.
  • Experiment with her cards like "Unforgiving Nature" and "Defensive Strategy" to enhance her tactical abilities.
  • Take advantage of "Countermeasures" to gain additional Thorns whenever she takes damage, reinforcing her defensive capabilities.
  • Master the "Tactician" trait to reduce the cost of "Skill" cards in her hand, making her actions more efficient.
  • Embrace the "Queen of Thorns" trait to convert Block charges into Thorns, bolstering her offensive potential.
  • Enjoy the tireless energy regeneration and immunity to Fatigue provided by the "Tireless" trait.

The Mix of Support and Blunt Damage Build

Many players have found great success with a build that combines support abilities and blunt damage. This versatile approach works remarkably well, even on the daunting Madness 16 difficulty. To achieve this build, focus on the following:


  • Vitality: Enhance Bree's survival and overall performance.
  • Crack: Boost Bree's damage output significantly.
  • Powerful: Increase Bree's strength and effectiveness in combat.
  • Vulnerable: Heighten Bree's ability to exploit enemy weaknesses.

The Essential Crack Weapon

To make the most of the mix of support and blunt damage build, obtaining the "Crack" weapon is essential. Fortunately, this weapon is guaranteed to be available in the armory on the blue map. By equipping Bree with the Crack weapon, you'll amplify her damage-dealing capabilities.

Unforgiving Nature and Pummel: A Lethal Combination

Unlocking Bree's first level up, "Unforgiving Nature," proves invaluable in this build. Combined with cards like "Pummel," Bree becomes a fearsome attacker, capable of melting enemies on the battlefield.

Leveling Up the Right Tree for Support

As you progress and gain level ups, it's wise to focus on the right tree for Bree. This tree offers more support and tank-focused abilities, enhancing her resilience and utility in combat situations.

Synergy with Ice Mages: Wilbur and Evelyn

Pairing Bree with Wilbur and Evelyn as ice mages elevates the build's potential even further. Evelyn becomes the main frost applier, while Wilbur takes on the role of a mage/support with a focus on books and providing Eve with her main spells via twin scrolls. A key perk for them is the one that reduces blunt resistance when affected by frost damage, making them formidable partners in battle.

Adapting for Act 4 Challenges

As you venture into Act 4, be prepared for enemies that deal damage based on your vitality stacks. While the mix of support and blunt damage build excels in many scenarios, it's crucial to adapt your tactics to counteract this specific challenge.

The Hammer Bros Build: An Alternative Strategy

For players who seek a different approach, the Hammer Bros Build offers a viable alternative. This strategy centers around blunt, vitality, and crack damage, utilizing all four warrior tanks. By focusing on naturally tanky warriors, the Hammer Bros Build compensates for the damage received with extra health. However, be cautious of act 4 lancers, whose damage scales based on your vitality.

Conclusion: Unleash the Thorny Might of Bree

In conclusion, the best build for Bree in Across the Obelisk is a captivating mix of support and blunt damage. With the right perks, equipment, and cards, Bree can become a formidable force on the battlefield, conquering even the most daunting challenges.

So, assemble your team, equip Bree with the Crack weapon, and experiment with her abilities to create the ultimate strategy. Embrace the synergy with ice mages Wilbur and Evelyn, or try the Hammer Bros Build for a different experience.

Now that you're armed with this knowledge, venture forth, embrace the thorny guardian's power, and embark on epic quests in the fantastical world of Across the Obelisk! Happy adventuring!

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