Clash of Clans Electro Dragon Attack Strategy Guide Without Heroes

In Clash of Clans, the Electro Dragon is a powerful unit that can wreak havoc on enemy bases. With its electric breath attack, it can quickly take down defenses and clear the way for your other troops. 

This guide will provide you with a detailed strategy on how to effectively use the Electro Dragon in your attacks, even without the assistance of heroes. Let's dive in!

Building Your Army

To maximize the effectiveness of your Electro Dragon attack, it's important to have a well-balanced army composition. Here's a breakdown of each troop you should include in your army:

Electro Dragons

Electro Dragons are the centerpiece of your attack. These fearsome creatures have a devastating electric breath attack that can target multiple buildings at once. 

They deal massive damage to both ground and air units, making them ideal for taking out key defenses. Aim to have at least 10-15 Electro Dragons in your army.


Balloons are excellent companions for Electro Dragons. They are aerial units that drop bombs on defenses, dealing significant damage. 

Balloons are particularly effective against ground defenses, such as Cannons and Archer Towers. Including around 5-10 Balloons in your army will provide additional air support and help clear the path for your Electro Dragons.

Baby Dragons

Baby Dragons are versatile units that can take out both ground and air targets. They have a moderate attack range and deal splash damage, making them effective against groups of buildings or troops. 

Baby Dragons are great for clearing out surrounding buildings and creating a path for your main force. Include 5-8 Baby Dragons in your army for added support.


Minions are fast-flying units that target specific buildings. They have a high movement speed and deal moderate damage. 

Minions can be used to quickly eliminate defenses or pick off exposed structures. Bringing along 10-15 Minions will provide extra support to your attack and help take out key targets.

Rage Spells

Rage Spells are essential for maximizing the damage output of your troops. When deployed, they increase the attack speed and movement speed of your units, allowing them to quickly eliminate defenses. 

Use at least 2-3 Rage Spells strategically throughout your attack to enhance the effectiveness of your Electro Dragons and other supporting troops.

Attacking Strategy

The attacking strategy is a crucial aspect of a successful Electro Dragon attack. To ensure victory, you must follow a well-thought-out plan and execute it with precision. 

Here's a breakdown of each subheading within the attacking strategy:

Step 1: Identify the Defenses

Before launching your attack, it's important to carefully scout the enemy base and identify key defenses that pose a threat to your Electro Dragons. 

Air defenses, Inferno Towers, and Wizard Towers are typically the most dangerous ones. Analyze the layout and placement of these defenses to determine the best approach for your attack.

Step 2: Clearing the Path

To pave the way for your main force, deploy a few Baby Dragons and Minions. These troops will focus on clearing out surrounding buildings, removing distractions, and creating a path for your Electro Dragons. 

By eliminating structures that are not directly guarding defenses, you can ensure that your Electro Dragons reach their intended targets without getting sidetracked.

Step 3: Electro Dragon Deployment

With the path cleared, it's time to unleash your Electro Dragons. Deploy them in a spread-out formation to avoid clumping, which can make them vulnerable to splash damage. 

Spread them across the base strategically, targeting the key defenses identified in Step 1. The electric breath attack of the Electro Dragons will make quick work of these defenses, clearing the way for the rest of your troops.

Step 4: Balloon Support

As your Electro Dragons advance through the base, deploy your Balloons strategically to provide additional air support. 

Balloons are highly effective against ground defenses, and their bombs can quickly dismantle them. By timing the deployment of Balloons, you can create a deadly synergy with your Electro Dragons, allowing them to proceed further into the base with reduced resistance.

Step 5: Clean-up Troops

Towards the end of your attack, deploy any remaining troops such as Baby Dragons and Minions. These clean-up troops serve the purpose of eliminating any remaining buildings and ensuring a high percentage of destruction. 

By systematically clearing out the base, you increase your chances of achieving a three-star victory. Make sure to prioritize structures that are within reach of these troops to maximize their impact.


With the right strategy and army composition, you can unleash the power of the Electro Dragon in Clash of Clans. 

By following the steps outlined in this guide, from building a well-balanced army to executing a precise attacking strategy, you'll be well on your way to achieving victory without relying on heroes. 

Remember to adapt your strategy based on the specific base you're attacking and always keep an eye on the clock. Good luck, Chief, and may your Electro Dragon attacks be electrifying!

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