Funbringer 3000 in Barotrauma

The Funbringer 3000 is an amazing piece of protective gear in the world of Barotrauma. It shares some similarities with the Exosuit, but it takes things to a whole new level.

This incredible outerwear provides exceptional protection against various problems and helps you resist the strong effects of rushing water. It also has the highest level of Pressure Protection among all Diving Suits, allowing you to explore the dangerous depths of Europa's oceans, which can reach up to 10,000 meters.

However, this advanced technology does have a few downsides. Unlike the Exosuit, the Funbringer 3000 doesn't have any slots for storing items. This means you'll need to carefully plan how you manage your inventory.

Furthermore, because of its large size, the Funbringer 3000 requires a Fuel Rod to work effectively. Without power, you won't be able to move, and even with power, your movement and scooter speeds will be noticeably slower.


The Funbringer 3000 is not something you can simply purchase at any outpost. Instead, there are two ways to obtain it: crafting or participating in a special event called the "Path of the Bike Horn."

To craft the Funbringer 3000, you'll need to play as an Assistant and have the True Potential talent unlocked. This talent is essential because it allows you to access the blueprint needed to craft the suit and gather all the required materials. 

With these elements in place, you can create this extraordinary suit on your own. Alternatively, you can take part in the unique "Path of the Bike Horn" event chain to obtain the Funbringer 3000.

Function and Features

The Funbringer 3000 is designed to be worn in the Outerwear slot and offers a host of features that make it indispensable for deep-sea exploration. Let's take a closer look at its functions:

1. Full Limb Protection

Once you put on the Funbringer 3000, it covers all your limbs and offers complete protection. This means you'll be shielded from various afflictions that could affect you during your underwater adventures. 

What's more, wearing the Funbringer 3000 gives you a fantastic 50% chance to completely resist the feared Husk Infection, a hazardous condition that can otherwise be quite troublesome. 

With this exceptional suit on, you can explore the depths with a sense of security, knowing that your entire body is safeguarded from harm and infections.

2. Impressive Pressure Protection

One of the most remarkable features of the Funbringer 3000 is its exceptional Pressure Protection capability. This outstanding feature enables you to explore ocean depths of up to 10,000 meters, making it unmatched by any other diving suit in the world of Barotrauma. 

With this advanced suit, you can go deeper into the underwater world than ever before, discovering new and thrilling environments that were once unreachable. 

The Funbringer 3000 truly opens up a whole new realm of exploration and adventure, allowing you to experience the mysteries of the deep sea like never before.

3. Arm Cannon and Honker Blast

The Funbringer 3000 comes with an entertaining surprise—an integrated arm cannon that shoots Banana Peels! This feature adds a playful element to the game, allowing you to engage in some amusing in-game antics. 

Additionally, you'll have access to the "Honker Blast" ability, which can cause nearby characters to experience short-term hallucinations. This ability can lead to hilarious situations during multiplayer gameplay, providing lots of fun and laughter for you and your friends. 

So, not only is the Funbringer 3000 a powerful protective gear for deep-sea exploration, but it also brings a lot of joy and amusement to your adventures in the Barotrauma universe. 

4. Life-Sustaining Supplies

Staying safe underwater is a top priority, and the Funbringer 3000 has got you covered with some important features. To provide visibility in the depths, it comes equipped with a built-in light, ensuring you can see clearly in the dark underwater environment.

To ensure you can breathe comfortably during your underwater explorations, the suit also has a breathing gas supply. 

However, it's important to keep an eye on this supply and make sure it's filled before you dive in. Running out of breathing gas can be dangerous, leaving you gasping for air and putting you at risk. 

So, always check and refill the breathing supplies before each underwater adventure to enjoy a safe and worry-free exploration with the Funbringer 3000.

5. Movement Speed and Identity

Although the Funbringer 3000 is undeniably incredible, it does have a few downsides that you should be aware of. First, because of its design, wearing the suit may reduce your field of view, making it a bit challenging to see your surroundings clearly. 

Moreover, when you put on the suit, your identity will be hidden, which means others might not be able to recognize you easily.

Another important consideration is that the Funbringer 3000 will slow down your Movement Speed by 60%, making your movements a bit slower than usual. 

Additionally, your Scooter Propulsion Speed will be reduced by a significant 75%, meaning you won't be able to move around as swiftly while using the scooter.

Despite these drawbacks, the Funbringer 3000's numerous advantages and unique features still make it an outstanding choice for deep-sea exploration, ensuring you stay well-protected and equipped for your underwater adventures. 

6. Talent-Powered Movement

Great news for all the aspiring Mechanics out there! If you have the MECHanic talent, wearing the Funbringer 3000 comes with an added perk. 

You'll receive a valuable 25% Movement Speed bonus, reducing the overall impact on your speed to just a 35% decrease. This bonus makes the suit much more manageable to use, especially when you're exploring the depths of Europa's oceans.

Here's an interesting bit: Mechanics with the MECHanic talent can even use the Funbringer 3000 without power, making it possible to move around even when the suit's standard movement is immobilized. 

However, it's essential to know that this is currently a bug in the game, and it remains unfixed. While this bug may provide some advantages, keep in mind that game developers might address it in future updates.

So, if you're a Mechanic, the Funbringer 3000 becomes an even more enticing choice, granting you increased mobility and flexibility in how you use the suit. 

7. Inventory and Storage

Given its massive size and the absence of item storage slots, storing the Funbringer 3000 in your inventory, holding it in your hands, or keeping it in a Diving Suit Locker is simply not possible. Instead, when you're not using the suit, you must leave it on the ground. This means you'll need to carefully plan how you manage the suit when it's not in use.

While the inability to store the Funbringer 3000 in conventional ways might seem like a limitation, it's essential to remember that the suit's remarkable features and unparalleled protection more than compensate for this trade-off. 

So, make sure to find a secure and easily accessible spot to place the suit when you're not exploring the depths of Europa's oceans. 

8. Supply Effects When Worn

To further increase your underwater experience, the Funbringer 3000 works synergistically with various supply items. Here's a table detailing the effects of different supply items:

Item Effect Supply Duration
Oxygen Tank +1000 Air 5m 33s
Oxygenite Tank +1500 Air 33m 20s
Welding Fuel Tank Oxygen Low (+20/s)* 3m 20s
Incendium Fuel Tank Oxygen Low (+20/s)* 3m 20s
Fuel Rod 16m 40s
Thorium Fuel Rod 33m 20s
Fulgurium Fuel Rod 25m
Volatile Fulgurium Fuel Rod 66m 40s

Note: The effects mentioned above pertain to the supply items and how they interact with the Funbringer 3000.

The Funbringer 3000 is undeniably a useful suit in Barotrauma, providing incredible protection and granting the capability to explore the most profound depths of Europa's oceans. With its arm cannon, Honker Blast ability, and the boost from specific talents, it adds excitement and uniqueness to the gameplay, encouraging players to try out its special features.

Of course, using the Funbringer 3000 requires careful inventory management, as well as ensuring a steady supply of power and breathing gas. 

However, the rewards it offers are truly worth the effort. So, if you ever have the opportunity to craft or acquire this exceptional suit, don't hesitate to embrace it and set out on a thrilling underwater adventure that you'll remember for a lifetime! 

The Funbringer 3000 will take your exploration to unprecedented depths and provide you with countless unforgettable moments in the fascinating world of Barotrauma. Happy diving!

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