Valheim: How to Find Hilder


Valheim, an immersive survival game set in a mystical Norse-inspired world, features various intriguing characters, including Hildir, a wandering merchant. 

Locating Hildir can prove to be a challenging task, as she follows a specific spawning system. This article aims to guide players through the process of finding Hildir in Valheim, providing step-by-step instructions and valuable information.

Understanding Hildir's Spawning System

Hildir shares a spawning system similar to that of Haldor, another prominent merchant in Valheim. Her potential spawn locations are situated in the Meadows biome. 

These locations are spread across the world, ensuring a minimum distance of 1000 meters between each spawn point. Players can find Hildir's potential spawn areas within a range of 3000 to 5100 meters from the world center.

Utilizing External Resources for Location Information

To pinpoint the precise spawn locations for Hildir within your world, you can rely on external resources like the Valheim Map website. This website provides valuable information based on your save file and can assist you in identifying Hildir's potential spawn points. 

Please note that the website might not have been updated at the time of writing to display Hildir spawns, but it is expected to include this information in the future.

Discovering Hildir's Location

Once armed with the knowledge of Hildir's possible spawn points, you can embark on your search for her. Head towards any of the designated locations, and upon discovery, 

Hildir's shirt icon will appear on the world map. This serves as confirmation that Hildir has been permanently placed at that specific location.

Exploring Hildir's Camp

Upon finding Hildir, you will encounter her unique camp, which is easily distinguishable. The camp consists of a large wagon surrounded by multiple tents, barrels, and various amenities. 

Within this camp, players will find Hildir's Firepit Iron, a cozy gathering spot, along with multiple divans and tables for resting and trading purposes.

The Protective Dome

Similar to Haldor's camp, Hildir's location is safeguarded by a shimmering transparent dome, creating a safe zone. This protective dome acts as a barrier, preventing hostile creatures from entering the camp and causing harm. 

Importantly, this safe zone is indestructible, ensuring the safety of Hildir and any players engaging with her.

Trading with Hildir

Once you have successfully located Hildir and her camp, you can engage in trading activities. Hildir offers a unique selection of resources and equipment that can greatly enhance your gameplay experience. 

Take your time to explore her inventory and consider the available options to determine the items that best suit your needs.


Finding Hildir in Valheim requires a combination of exploration and understanding of her spawning system. By utilizing external resources such as the Valheim Map website, players can identify her potential spawn locations and embark on an exciting quest to find her. 

Discovering Hildir's camp, with its distinctive features and protective dome, grants access to valuable trading opportunities. So gear up, sharpen your senses, and set out on an adventure to find Hildir in the vast and mystical world of Valheim. 

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