Hunt Royale September Update 2023 Changelogs

Hunt Royale, a popular mobile game loved for its exciting gameplay, has just released a new update for September: version 1.9.4. This update brings several important fixes and improvements to make the game even more enjoyable for all players.

What's New in This Update?

Let's take a closer look at the changes in this September update:

1. Fix for Necromancer's Minions with Pirate Skin

The Necromancer, a character in the game known for summoning minions, had a problem when using the pirate skin. This update fixes that issue, ensuring that Necromancer's minions work correctly even when using the pirate skin.

2. Better Spawn Rate for Plague Doctor's Poison Clouds

The Plague Doctor, another character, uses poison clouds strategically. This update adjusts the rate at which these poison clouds appear, making the game fairer and more balanced for everyone.

3. Improved Lavamander's Ability

The Lavamander, a powerful character known for creating lava pools, had its ability fine-tuned. The size of the impact area for the Lavamander's lava pools has been adjusted for better gameplay.

4. Tutorial Touch-Ups

The tutorial, an essential part of the game for new players, has been improved in this update. These small fixes ensure that new players can understand the game better and start their adventure smoothly.

How to Get the Update

Excited to try out the new features? The update is available for download now! Just remember that it might take a few hours for everyone to receive the update, especially on Apple and Google platforms. 

If you're on Android, you can clear the cache in the Google Play Store to speed up the process. If you're on an iPhone, you can search for the game in the app store to find the latest update.

In Conclusion

This September update, 1.9.4, shows how the Hunt Royale team is dedicated to giving players a fantastic gaming experience. With these fixes and improvements, you can dive back into the world of Hunt Royale, enjoy exciting battles, and experience the game at its best. 

Stay tuned for more updates and have a blast in the Hunt Royale universe!

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