Legend of Slime: Angry Giant Newbie/Rage Event Tips

 Welcome to the thrilling world of Angry Giant Newbie (AGN) in Legend of Slime and its challenging variant, Rage Event! Mastering these events can greatly boost your progression in the game. Here are some essential tips to help you conquer these events and climb the ranks.

Basic Tips

Understanding AGN and Rage:

Angry Giant Newbie (AGN) is a challenging event in the game. Rage is a more demanding and time-consuming version of AGN.

Strategize Gem Usage:

It's wise not to spend all your gems on AGN/Rage until your summons reach at least level 8. Use your gems judiciously for fights and shop rerolls, finding a balance that suits your playstyle.

Climb League Tiers:

Climbing league tiers should be a priority. Higher tiers provide more parts per battle. The league tiers include Tin, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond.

Maximize Rewards:

Achieving first, second, or third place in leagues grants you extra rewards in terms of parts and gems.

Utilize Your Normal Build:

Stick to your usual build for battles during AGN and Rage events.

Event Frequency:

AGN events restart every 3 days, giving you multiple opportunities to participate.

No Speed Boost in Rage:

It's important to note that you cannot expedite the event in Rage mode.

Shop Tips

Smart Purchases:

Avoid purchasing gear, companions, skills, forks, or trait points, including mythic items. During specific events, if the shop offers a Grade S slime for 5,000 parts, it's a great deal—no need to reroll for it. Consider buying Key Rings, Heart Gems, or Slime Tears for 15,000 parts when available.

Essential Purchases:

Always prioritize purchasing Dwarven King Keys, Boss Rush Keys, Heart Gems, and Clockwork. Acquire Mine Pickaxes, Mine TNT, Mine Drills, and Gold Rush Keys (2-hour) based on your needs.

Advanced Tips

Leverage Daily Reset Timing:

On the third day of the league, take advantage of the 10-minute window post-reset to initiate new runs and shop purchases at reduced gem costs or gain extra parts by "4th daying" the league.

Watch Ad Runs Cautiously:

Using runs that require ads can make you lose the 2 free ads after the league resets, so use them judiciously.

Specific AGN Tips (Not Rage Events)

Optimize Blizzard Cast:

Cast Blizzard manually at the start of a fight to eliminate enemies swiftly, especially if fights are taking too long.

Tweaking HP Items:

If fights are prolonged and challenging, consider removing HP items and equip Thorn Crown or remove toy/ring to improve efficiency.

By applying these tips and strategies, you'll enhance your performance and make the most out of Angry Giant Newbie and Rage Events. Best of luck on your journey to victory and higher ranks!

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