Legend of Slime: Purchase Tier List

 Welcome, fellow slimes from Legend of Slime, to a curated tier list of in-game purchases based on the valuable insights and experiences of seasoned players. 

It's important to note that this guide represents current opinions and may evolve with the release of new packs. We've categorized the packs into four sections for your convenience.

Quality of Life Packs

Grade SS

  • Remove Ads 365 Days: $10.99
  • No Ads: $29.99

Removing ads is a significant time-saver and enhances your overall gameplay experience.

Grade S

  • Loot Storage: $9.99
  • Advanced Storage Package: $9.99
  • Alchemy Package: $9.99
  • Alchemy King Package: $19.99

These packs aid in treasure and building completion, expedite elixir collection, and offer long-term benefits, making your journey more enjoyable.

Grade A

  • Slime Club Membership: $9.99

Unlocking the ability to sweep dungeon levels, including Slime Legion, provides a notable convenience.

Grade F

  • Auto Blessing: $4.99

While not essential after removing ads, it remains beneficial for extended Slime Legion runs.

Slime Packs

Grade SS

  • Premium Pass: $8.99

The most cost-effective way to acquire a Grade SS slime along with multiple rewards.

Grade S

  • Limited Slime Package - :S_Gent:: $24.99

Acquiring the immensely powerful :S_Gent: makes this an excellent purchase due to the x2 all damage part of his skill.

Grade A

  • Slime Package - :S_Crobi:: $19.99
  • Limited Slime Package - :S_Osteon:, :S_Ghost:, :S_Swallow:, :S_Bunny:, :S_Ignis:, :S_Miner:: $24.99

These packs provide top-tier slimes, contributing to optimal performance and enhancing your gameplay.

Grade B

  • Limited Slime Package - :S_Penguin:, :S_Mecha:, :S_Poseidon:, :S_Melissa:, :S_Deva:: $24.99

While not essential for gameplay, these slimes offer promotion bonuses and mastery points, enriching your experience.

Grade C

  • Premium Pass Plus: $24.99

Not necessary for obtaining the current pass slime; the extra rewards, while useful, are not crucial.

May this tier list guide you towards wise and satisfying purchases in the captivating world of Slime Adventure! Your journey awaits, so choose wisely and conquer the realm of slimes!

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