Legend of Slime: Toys Guide

Hello there, fellow slimes! If you've embarked on the thrilling adventure of Legend of Slime, you probably know how crucial it is to have the right toys for your slimes. 

Toys can significantly enhance the performance of your slimes, making them more formidable in battles. But finding the best toy for your slime can be a bit perplexing, given the vast array of options. Fear not, for I am here to guide you through the wondrous world of slime toys!

The Best Toy for Your Slime

The best toy for your slime is not a one-size-fits-all scenario. It greatly depends on your main slime companion. 

Most slimes benefit from having their dedicated toy, while a select few, like our superstar Gent, can perform remarkably without a specific matched toy.

Not All Toys Are Equal

Each toy in Legend of Slime possesses two main stats: Attack and Health. However, what sets them apart are the three additional sub-stats. 

The first sub-stat is a given for every toy and can be found in common and above-grade toys. The second sub-stat unlocks at the Epic level fusion, while the third sub-stat becomes accessible at the Mythic level fusion. 

The grade of the toy determines the level cap and the amount of clockwork needed for upgrades, increasing in cost as you ascend to higher levels. The upgrades provide a +20 level boost to the next level cap, reaching a maximum of Exotic level 140.

The Fusion Process and When to Fuse

Fusion is a vital game mechanic that allows you to elevate your toy's grade. Every three toys of the same grade can be fused to create one toy of the next grade. 

Exotics have a special rule; only two exotics are needed for fusion, resulting in another random exotic toy with random stats. However, this is not the most efficient use of resources. 

When fusing, the toy you choose first will retain its stats and receive any clockwork used on the other two toys being fused. Remember, clockwork used to level up the toy in slot 1 won't be refunded.

Choosing the Best Toy Stats

Understanding the key toy stats is essential. There are five main toy stats to consider: Attack, Critical Damage, Companion Damage, Boss Damage, and Skill Damage.

  • Attack: Ideal for toys under level 95, especially for beginners. Find a toy that matches your slime and possesses Attack for a great start. However, avoid upgrading Attack toys past Legendary once you have the resources for higher-grade toys.
  • Critical Damage + Companion Damage + Boss Damage: This combination is perfect for a slime like Gent, where Skill Damage isn't as critical. If you have Gent as your main, prioritize toys with these three stats to reach the top tier and potentially upgrade to Exotic.
  • Critical Damage + Companion Damage + Skill Damage: Most other slimes benefit more from Skill Damage. Match the toy to the slime and prioritize toys with these stats for upgrading to Exotic.

When Luck is Not on Your Side

If you're struggling to find the perfect toy with all the preferred stats, focus on Critical Damage and Companion Damage. These two are paramount, and even without a fully ideal toy, upgrading to Exotic with these stats will still be beneficial.

In your journey through the Legend of Slime, selecting the right toy for your slime is a vital strategy that can give you the upper hand in battles. Consider your slime's abilities, fuse wisely, and choose the toy that will lead you to victory in this exciting world of slimes! Happy sliming!


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