Brawl Stars: Leon Guide (2022)

Leon Guide For Brawl Stars

Leon, being a Legendary Brawler, has decent health yet deals a lot of damage in close combat. Four Spinner Blades that sweep and cause less damage farther away are flicked out during a strike by him. Leon can momentarily disappear from foes thanks to his ability.

To mislead foes, his primary gadget, the Clone Projector, produces a duplicate of him. His second gadget, Lollipop Drop, drops his lollipop in the region where it would turn him and his friends invisible.

While his Super is activated, his initial Star Power, Smoke Trails, speeds up his movement. While his Super is activated, he gradually heals thanks to his second Star Power, Invisiheal.


Tips on using Leon

  1. Being an assassin, Leon moves far faster than most other Brawlers, which makes him valuable for escaping from foes.
  2. If Leon uses all of his blades in a short-range strike, he can do significant damage. Get as near to enemies as you can using obstacles, then launch an attack that might take out any but the heavy damage tanks.
  3. If you cannot get closer to your opponent, you can utilize the strafing technique to slowly but surely reduce their health bar to a reasonable level. Leon fires his missiles from left to right, just like Bo, so you may focus your attack or spread it out by strafing to the left or right while you're striking. You can move to the left while shooting to reduce his attack range and boost your damage. On the other hand, you can walk right while attacking to get a wide attack with minimal damage for eliminating your foes.
  4. Leon's Super in Heist Mode lets him sneak up behind his foes and launch a surprise assault on the enemy safe.
  5. In Bounty Mode, Leon is reputable. He can take out foes one at a time using his ability, earning a boatload of stars for his team. However, Leon is ineffective at taking out multiple foes; therefore, he can find himself in a precarious situation after eliminating a foe.
  6. When an attacker knows your route, Leon's ability is useless if utilized close to them. Your exit strategy can become more unpredictable by using his Super while hiding in bushes; by doing this, foes find him more difficult after firing at the now empty bushes.
  7. Leon's ability has offensive and defensive applications. If you're in a precarious situation, you can utilize your Super to escape the threat or even take out a single foe. Use your invisibility to flee if you carry many gems in Gem Grab or a large bounty in Bounty, making it difficult for the opponents to attack you.
  8. To make your foes believe you have become invisible, flash your Super as you enter a thicket. This enables you to recharge in the bushes while your foes scan the arena, losing valuable ammunition.
  9. The spread of Leon's blades expands as they move, giving them an appearance of having a tremendous range. Before going covert to take out Brawlers up close, chip away at foes and develop your Super. This tactic works great in Events like Bounty, Showdown, Lone Star, or Knockout when you have to get rid of opponents.
  10. With Leon, saving firepower is even more crucial. He is vulnerable to an attacker who has managed to avoid, withstand Leon's strikes, or both because of his comparatively sluggish reload speed.
  11. For Brawl Ball, Leon's two Star Powers are particularly helpful. While Leon's Invisiheal star power can give him an exceptional survival boost that allows him to take much more damage from multiple enemy defenders who are present at their goal, his Smoke Trails star power allows him to snatch the ball quickly while enemies are unaware of his presence until Leon scoops up the Ball and attempts to score.
  12. Because of his sluggish reload and non-piercing strike, Leon is utilized to take down one enemy at a time and has no potential for multiple kills.
  13. Leon has two play styles to choose from in Showdown: a Roamer and a Third Party. Roamers (such as Crow, Darryl, etc.) roam the map looking for possible prey so they can kill them one by one. Third Parties look for two individuals who are already involved in combat and wait (ideally in a nearby bush) until one of the two is defeated. Examples of such Third Parties include Mortis or Crow. The Third Party then defeats the victorious Brawler and takes both batches of Power Cubes.
  14. Because of the Star Power, Smoke Trails, that Leon possesses, he can move at an incredible speed during the duration of the Super, making it extremely difficult to strike him. This is also helpful for making hasty escapes or, more quickly, engaging someone.
  15. If you attack before the Super's time expires, which is not advised with this Star Power, Leon's Invisiheal will heal him for 1000 health every second for six seconds. In Smoke Trails game modes like Gem Grab, Showdown, and Siege, Leon can be used to grab power-ups or objectives while remaining undetectable. You can avoid meteors and other potentially fatal hazards in Showdown by using Invisiheal. Try turning on Leon's Super before a fight using his Invisiheal Star Power. Leon has the advantage in ammo and health to win more close-quarters battles by holding out on attacking until the enemy has fired their rounds and while he is healing for 1000 health each second.
  16. When facing off against a Shelly or Colt with their Super, Leon's Clone Projector Gadget can come in handy. They'll presumably shoot the clone with their Super, effectively destroying it. Avoid trying this when your health is low because your clone will copy your health level and the fact that it will be revealed to the target of your clone. You can use it to your advantage by hiding in a bush, activating your Gadget, and then going on the defensive to wait for low-health Brawlers who will presumably waste their ammunition on your clone. Leon can determine if foes are in the bushes by using his Clone Projector to pursue the nearest foe, even if they hide behind a bush. Additionally, it can be utilized as a meat shield to deflect blows from foes who use non-piercing, bouncing, or splitting attacks.
  17. You may easily get out of a tight situation in Showdown by using Leon's Invisiheal Star Power if required to step into the poison gas. You will be able to survive the harm for a brief period of time because his healing, while unseen, will counteract the damage that the gas causes. Please be aware that damage scales after the fifth tick, forcing you to escape the gas (as well as the fact that Leon's Invisiheal only provides healing for six ticks of 1,000 health).
  18. If you ever use Leon's Super in plain view, use it while moving in one direction, then quickly turn around and sneak up from a different side. Because of this, it is less certain where you will come from.
  19. The invisibility range of Leon's Lollipop Drop Gadget can help you, and your allies overcome otherwise divided bushes in 3v3 Events, and hiding it behind walls will make it more difficult for most opposing Brawlers to destroy it.
  20. Save Leon's Super, which is vital to him because it allows him to quickly dispose off enemies. For instance, if a high-burst damage Brawler is around and you have little health, you shouldn't utilize his Super even if you have access to his Invisiheal Star Power because that Brawler would still defeat you. In contrast, if the situation is in Showdown, utilize your Super to flee and/or one of the Gadgets as a meat shield (because they both can be used at a time).

I hope all of these tips help you get better with Leon. Let me know if you, too, have a few tricks up your sleeves.

1 Oct 2022